Would you like to improve the health and wellbeing of all people working for your company?

Do you agree, providing our body with sufficient fluid is a challenge for most of us or we don’t prioritise it in our daily routine?

At GrapiVit we believe this relates to three main issues:

1. Most people don’t associate their problems like lethargy and loss of energy with dehydration.

2. It is tough to make the fluid intake a constant habit in continuous changing life and work conditions.

3. Drinking only plain water all the time can sometimes be boring.

dump truck operator

Would you be interested in a tasteful solution that prevents everyone from dehydration and furthermore provides all fitness enhancing vitamins and minerals?

A healthy hydration solution that provides more energy and enables everyone to stay concentrated.

We don’t fight dehydration. We aspire prehydration. We make drinking water a flavoursome experience. For you to stay hydrated.

“ ... over 40 years I suffered from dehydration without even knowing. Then I found the perfect way out of it in the desert of Alice Springs ”

Roy Korczewski
Director of GrapiVit
(former miner and oil rigger)


Another very important issue for workers who work under extreme weather condition, Long shifts, uniform tasks or in remote location is to keep up the good moral by providing great food and beverages.

We guarantee you all our drinks taste amazing.

Our customized dispensing systems fit in every mining camp, cribhut or admin office.

They are energy efficient and cost effective.

All dispensers offer an active contribution to a healthier environment with a 90% smaller ecological footprint.

Our compact mobile dispensers arrive in a special protective boxes which guarantees a safe transport with the other mobile rig equipment.

They can be easily be set up in the catering container or smoko room.

One charge of drinks saves you about 2000 plastic bottles.

It is proven, our dispensers work underground even at a depth of 800 metres

like here in the Merkers Mine in Kieselbach, Germany.

Well-proven technology that just works anywhere.

grapivit factory