GrapiVit was originally invented for the fitness industry which suffered from high labour cost, sports drinks with high sugar content, energy guzzling vending machines and an environmentally polluting packaging system. The introduction of the deposit legislation on plastic bottles was eventually the end of hospitality in the fitness industry.

The idea arose in Graz Austria to develop a healthy refreshing drink as an alternative to the common soft drink. Naturally produced with high vitamin content and an additional protein compound to stimulate fat metabolism.

Meanwhile all different kinds of industries have discovered the benefits for themselves as well. Therefore GrapiVit is running successfully in:

  • Sports, leagues and golf clubs.
  • Institutions where children are being cared for and educated.
  • Health facilities where much emphasis is placed on low sugar content beverages.
  • Work places where companies value their personnel and want to ensure they stay hydrated all day in a natural & healthy way.

Graz is also the city where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born went to school and served in the army.

Arnold, Roy and Friends

Arnold with Roy (owner of GrapiVit Australia)

1999 Santa Monica, California