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The GrapiVit  BiB works according to the proven packaging system bag-in-box. This technique has been used for about 35 years for liquid foods in Austria and Germany. The special feature of this packaging solution is that even after it has been opened no oxygen reaches the juice or any other particle contaminates it. In which case ensures an extraordinary durability. This system provides constant quality in freshness and flavour for at least 12 months.

How does it stay fresh for 12 months?

Not only juices are sensitive to oxygen, because it results in loss of vitamin C and changes in the colour and flavour of the product but air  also causes oxidation and therefore to fermentation. Because of the unique outlet of the inner bag no oxygen infiltrates the juice. This established, proven system of bag in box does not require refrigeration. The juice stays as fresh as on the first day without conservants or any other chemical substance.

What is the BAG IN BOX (BIB) system?

The GrapiVit BIB is available in a 10 kg variant. It consists of an inner bag which is food-safe without any plasticizer.  The bags are filled at factory, using a special vacuum method, and then surrounded with a protective box.  For the installation the box is easy to open by push-in the perforated side. The now free accessible outlet of the bag can be connected to the intake socket of the dispensing system just with a “quick click”.

Grapos softdrinks

Available as 10 kg high vitamin fruity concentrate and 10 kg mineralised electrolyte water.

10 kg BiB provides you 200l of Vitamin Water

  • Saves you 400 bottles
  • Saves you storage
  • Saves you energy cost
  • Saves you waste
  • Saves you labour cost