Are you thinking of improving your service?

Are you looking for healthier beverage alternatives?

Are you searching something unprecedented that is superior to the market norm in quality and profitability?

What’s your current situation when it comes to sports-drinks?

  • Members bring in their own bottles or buy their sportsdrinks in the supermarket.
  • The market doesn’t supply a healthy alternative to the sugary fizzy drinks.
  • Gyms are burdened with a tiny margin because of the oligopoly in the Australian beverage market.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to:

  • Get rid of the offside 24/7 refrigerated energy guzzler which suffer from ignorance instead having a nice vitamin-water-bar smack bang in the middle of the hurly-burly.
  • Participate on every drinking bottle the member brings into the gym.

Benefit every drinking bottle they bring in by offering an additional service that will simply inspire your members and they will appreciate it.